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Submerge: The Unnameables (ArtWaves Spin-off)

Sat, 21 Aug 2021
Description Long

...Something lurks on the walls and floors, creeping and pushing through. Creatures squirming through rafters and underneath floorboards. They are a hive of long, invasive, furry, alien-growths that squirm and take over - hooking and winding over surfaces like an infestation.

Resembling living creatures, but existing in their own right. Their swarm-like behavior is important. The threat of their mass, together, taking it over, whether that is on the floor, walls or above. They are a hive, a flock, a mass.

They are presented in a way that is invasive - they twist and distort as they move, feeling their way through like ivy or the sucker-like limbs of an octopus, contorting and wriggling over each other. The aim is to have them appear as if they are waiting, waiting...

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